Since 1987 we have been creating lingerie for a demanding woman that desires luxury products, high quality, comfort, and is always in search for new fashion trends and a variety of colors.

The unique, elegant, romantic and sensual style of Touché Lingerie offers designs recognized by its quality and delicate materials. Our underwear has a minimalist feel and feminine silhouettes that are ideal for every occasion. We complement our line of products with pajamas elaborated in soft materials. Our pajamas, more than nightwear, have become casual and comfortable outfits for lounging around.

Always seeking to satisfy the needs of a modern and avant-garde woman, in 2000 we created Touché Balnéaire as our beachwear line. Touché Balnéaire is sophisticated and glamorous, with exclusive prints, high quality textiles and designs that enhance the women’s body. Its sophistication and cleanness are transformed into graphic pieces with creative color combinations that give the brand a distinctive touch. Our garments are made of lightweight materials, vibrant colors, exclusive prints, and different accessories that give a chic and elegant personality to our brand.

Our design team is constantly investigating, innovating and creating products that combine esthetics, high quality, comfort and functionality. We study the macro trends of each season and represent them in our own creative and unique way, through designs that respond to the desires of a modern woman that always wants to look good. Our goal is to fulfill that woman´s desires and needs so that we can build a relationship between our customers and our brand.

We have presence in more than 25 countries through our own retail stores, franchises, department stores and boutiques and we are continuously expanding our product lines and distribution channels, so that we can respond through our a complete line of products to the needs of diverse markets.